Friday, October 3, 2008

unchained heart. 22 x 30 collograph. 2008
quick update with one of my favorites. I need to reprint this someday. I only have proofs left from the run I did in the spring. The small etching in the bottom corner is something I've also printed separately, but it worked so well with this one. I'm going to make a very strong effort to blog more about art, start dedicating time again to creating. I've got some sweet print ideas, and have gained a lot of inspiration from the Partisan the Sea show last night (

next up: big 18 x 24 cupcakes, 6 color runs again, but on wood panels that I am thinking about putting a layer of resin on top or somethin' to make them extra tasty. the last cupcake made me crazy good at registration and finesse. so these should turn out well.

and finally, another old one... a finished mediocre image of the Hands! poster. It looks so much better in person, but what doesn't?!

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